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August 1st & 2nd we have a bowling tournament call for availability

August 8th & 9th we have a bowling tournament call for availability

Kids Bowl Free going on now

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About Us

Rose Bowl is a Family Friendly, Clean, Smoke Free
Entertainment Venue Featuring

          *18 Superbly maintained lanes
          *Snack Bar
          *Pro Shop
          *Private Party Room
          *Birthday Packages
          *Cocktail Lounge
          *Arcade Games
          *Prize Redemption Center

Specials & Events

The 44th Annual Montrose Mixed doubles results are final!

1st Nicole Espinoza/Steven McCracken $1740

2nd Stefanie Suntum/Dustin Cockroft $870

3rd Shawnee Embrey/Dan Murillo $436

4th Jenny Lockwood/Brian Garramone $243

5th Marj Gibboney/Lee Jim Zamor $212

5th Wendy Sly/James Mosher $212

7th Connie Jiron/Anthony Jiron $192

8th Carla Clawson/Mark McCauley $182

9th Carla Clawson/Jim Marcellin $172

10th Lindy Rucker/Rob Whitslar $162

11th Melissa Bjork/Dan Murillo $152

12th Ruby McNeely/James Mosher $142

13th Karen Glaven/Ron Foster $127

13th Eugenia Catlin/Jeff Graves $127

15th Angela Gates/Darrel Murphy $107

15th Sally Jiron/Anthony Jiron $107

17th Melissa Bjork/Mark McCauley $92

18th Geraldine Johnson/Jim Kern $90

19th Bethany Burke/Randy Burke $88

20th Jenny Lockwood/Sean Lockwood $86

21st Marnita Crites/Harry McDaniel $84

22nd Sabrina Honeycutt/Mike Hillen $81

22nd Stefanie Suntum/Darrell Murphy $81

24th Julie Vergari/Dan Murillo $78

25th Sandy Fitzgerald/Larry Fitzgerald $76

26th Ruby McNeely/Harry McDaniel $73

26th Dee Green/Dan Stephans $73          

28th Connie Jiron/Brad Boulden $79

28th Erica Jiron/Brad Boulden $79

30th Lois Smith/Jim Marcellin $66

31st Sabrina Honeycutt/Dustin Cockroft $64

32nd Bert Marcellin/Jim Marcellin $62

33rd Ruby McNelly/Dave Reule $60

34th Denise Wolfe/Fredie Marshall $57

34th Brenda Burke/Randy Burke $57

36th Melissa Bjork/Leo Klinker $53

36th Wendy Sly/Mark McCauley $53

38th Karen Glavan/Jack Templeton $ 49

38th Michelle Clubb/Carl Black $49

40th Heather Dobinski/Mike Hillen $44

40th Cherrie Summers/Tom Tooker $44

40th Donna Boulden/James Mosher $44

43rd Julie Bailado/Mike Graven $20

43rd Jeri Whitfield/Hal Muroya $20


We Paid 43 spots and there was a tie for 43rd so we split the 43rd pay out.


$100 each Hi Scratch Series 1422

Nicole Espinoza/Steven McCracken

$50 each Hi Scratch Game 535

Nicole Espinoza/Steven McCracken

$50 each Hi Handicap Game 570

Connie Jiron/Anthony Jiron



Come test your skill tonight, we will have different patterns down every Tuesday at 7:00. We have Viper pattern down tonight.

Summer league starts Thursday at 7:00. Summer league will be 10 weeks with 3 person teams.


Kids Bowl Free going on now

sign up @

 Nicole Espinoza and Steve McCracken

are the unoficial Winners of the 2015 Montrose Mixed Doubles !

Results posted on the Tournament Page

Colorado State Bowling Proprietors Association 

Senior Mixed Doubles

August 1st & 2nd

3rd Annual Mixed Doubles II

August 8th & 9th